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February 19, 2009 | By Jiprincess17 | 4 comments

I am writing an article in my journalism class on designer or hybrid dogs. I was hoping to speak with some of you regarding the pro's/con's of owning a designer dog. Why you chose to purchase one etc...please let me know if anyone is interested in being interviewed...the article most likely will not be published, I just need an A so any help is appreciated!
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5 years ago

I believe that health has more to do with the condition of the parents and vet care early in life. We adopted/saved abby from a disgusting "oops breeder". She said on the phone this was the mother's first litter (she had a 10mo old puppy from the same mother in her house). The mother was just at a year old being abused by having two litters in her first year of life. Abby is healthy
Puppy mills/breeders need to STOP. Breeders are charging huge fees for pets &over breeding the purest puppies. Puppy mills offering these sweet animals are wrong, their conditions are disgusting and they do not properly vet the parents/puppies.
Pets should not be treated like money makers. They are unconditional love and deserve the same back.
I had a cockapoo growing up who was healthy and lived to be 15yrs old. They are very intelligent "mutts" and they have personalities. other breeds can offer the same traits our reason for abby no shed and we "saved" her from a terrible environment.


6 years ago

Does your cockapoo have more or less health problems then its pedigree counterparts?
Where did you purchase this dog?
How do you feel about puppy mills selling unhealthy or illigitamate designer dogs just to make more money?
What is the most obsurd designer dog breed that you have heard of?

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