fighting dragons

February 27, 2009 | By Joe N.

So i just wanted to share an experience i had recently with my dragons. I bought my first one, Puff, as a baby last August. She's in a 55 gallon tank and I wanted to build an addition on top for more room before I added friends. Within three months she was much larger, about 15 in. and I was pretty sure she was a female. So I went looking for another healthy female, as I hear mixing sexes can cause fighting. As soon as I added Lizzy, about 12 inches, Puff started bobbing her head and swinging her arm around before attacking. She was bullying Lizzy constantly and I had to separate them many times. After a week poor Lizzy had marks on her head from Puff head butting. I was gonna put up a divider as I had the room, but tried another approach. I had heard that adding more to the tank might help. I found two more 11 in. dragons that i thought were females. I now think they are males due to the darker colors, and larger neck crest that became more prominent as they got older. Anyway, it worked perfectly. Immediately Puff stopped being aggressive completely. It took Lizzy a week or two to relax and stop hiding but she is finally able to live in peace. All four lizards get along great, climbing over each other, kinda playing, but no aggressiveness at all. I even see Lizzy sleeping on Puff every once in a while. Awesome. In fact, a lot of nights, all four of them sleep on top of each other like a lizard ball. Puff never bobbed her head or did the arm waving thing ONCE since i added the new tank mates.
My tank has a frame with chicken wire (with smaller holes) sitting on top of the 55 gal. tank, with two large doors so the entire top of the tank opens up. The tank is filled halfway with water and has two large canister filters, making several waterfalls. I have lots of vines and plants that grow in the water without any soil filling the entire tank to the top. There are fluorescent strip lights on top of the 55 gal. tank, and on top of the whole thing. The lizards can swim in the bottom and climb up top. I covered the chicken wire with clear cellophane window stuff that's used for insulating. It keeps the humidity at about 60% and I like to mist them occasionally also. There are about 40 red minnows and catfish in the tank and once a day or so, one of the lizards will catch and eat one. very cool. I'll put pictures on the site soon.
These dragons are very cool and hopefully happy. Its a great hobby and I'd love to hear some of your stories and setups! Peace
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