can an adoption cat be a super star?

January 23, 2010 | By HOOTe | 1 comment

Tags: cat, shelter, adoption

a shelter cat with talent!

she went to look at a russian blue, look what happened! she got me. the name is HOOTe CAT with an "e"... here they call me HOOTeCAT.
i'm a videoblogging, wanna be, cat star. i got attitude babe! do tricks, win contests and love to eat! now SHE's going to help a shelter "re-home" stray pets. call it "HOOTe gives back!" more to come!
check me out and subscribe!
www.youtube.com/HOOTeCAT & www.HOOTeCAT.wordpress.com
Comments (1)

6 years ago

You proved that an adoption cat can be a superstar. Way to go, Hoote, and way to give back!

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