My cat doesn't seem to like me =(

July 8, 2009 | By Rachel J. | 10 comments

My kitty will be a year old in October and was a Christmas gift to me from my husband. She's always been very playful and friendly, but I noticed lately she seems not to like me and I can't figure out why!

She's come up and meow her head off at me like she wants attention, but anytime I go to pet her or cuddle her she either makes a mad dash to get away from me or puts up a fight when I pick her up. She has no problem sitting and watching me though, but whenever I go to pet her, she runs away from me!

And it's just me too - she's perfectly fine around my husband - he'll pick her up and she won't run away when he goes to pet her... I don't get it - he's the one that holds her down every few weeks and trims her nails (she *hates* that)!

The only thing I can think is that in our apartment, we have these mini-blinds in the bedroom that she likes to go darting in and out of every chance she gets. My husband and I both yell at her and have resorted for the last 6 months of using a water spray bottle to get the point across (we tried that stuff you spray on the blinds to repel them but it didn't work - as soon as the odor wore off she was right back at it and we didn't have the time to refresh it every 2 hours throughout the day!). Only thing I can think is that she's mad at me for spraying her all the time, but how else am I supposed to train her?

I hate this - I feel like my cat hates me when all I wanna do is pet her! I don't get why she would meow for attention yet when I try to give it to her, she runs away from me!

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5 years ago

Cats are very easy If you can figure them out. Your cat probably wants something. The odds are you will have no idea what, and then stumble upon it one day. My cat was so moody until one day I broght home a stuffed animal. She loved it. I think she was needing a baby substitute. Now she is very happy. It's just a matter of figuirng what they need.

Karen Z.

Karen Z.
6 years ago

It doesn't sound like your kitty hates you, is just mad about somthing. Figuring out what is not easy but with that tuna treat, sounds like you've won her over! My cats are funny too about being pet. They don't really like being pet through the day, just in the morning and at night while I'm trying to sleep. Maybe it's the lighter touch they prefer or that it's on their terms at their time. Who knows, I just love them!

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