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April 8, 2009 | By Vicmackenzie | 1 comment

Cover of the book

"A Cat for Nine Reasons" is written and illustrated by a cat lover and part of the profits will go to the local animal shelter. It will make you smile, giggle and laugh out loud. A new and refreshing look at cats from the point of view of a humorist. It chronicles the author's introduction to being a cat owner and how a cat gradually came to win his heart. Illustrated throughout in beautiful color. It is so funny you'll say, "Oh my, that's me, I've been there!" If you are a cat owner you will love this book if not, this book will CATalytically convert you to being a cat lover. This is the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. For sample pages go to www.vicmackenzie.com
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Ashley B.

Ashley B.
6 years ago

thanks for the info! i will definitly have to read that one! im looking forward to it! im a HUGE animal lover!

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