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Gizmo is only 3 years old and was abandoned under a palate when he was 3 weeks old, I guess his mom knew he was sick. He had about 5 seizures before he reached the age of 1 then they disappeared. 2years later in December they came back full force. He has now had about 15 more in 4 months. But then stopped again for 1 1/2 months. He managed to get himself stuck in a recliner and has now injured his spine. He has to be bottle fed 5 times a day to get what he needs. He can walk but I usually call him my little marcher since he lifts his legs like he is marching. He is also on steroids, so the doctors think it is the FEV turning into Cancer or a brain tumor, but as I was told if he did not have FEV it would be pretty easy to diagnose. I am trying my best to give him the best care he can get, but was told he would not live past 5. If anyone has any suggestions on cats with FIV please let me know. He is neutered, and was on Science diet and since we have had to bottle feed him and he has not eaten that food his seizures have now stopped. Has anyone gone threw this?
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7 years ago

Thank you so much for all the efforts to help. I have stopped feeding him Science diet, In the beginning of March and then had to bottle feed him some A/D with cat sure. He has not had another seizure in almost 3 months which is much improved from multiple times a week. He would not eat on his own recently, until Monday May 19 he just got up walked over to where I had put his new food Purina and he just started to chow down, I am amazed. So many people have told me he is suffering since he will not eat and I should put him down.. I looked at him at told him you would tell me when you are ready right? I just did not see it. Thank God I did not do that, as he seems to be turning for the better. I am still looking for any info anyone can give. Thank you for those who have tried.

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