Prozac for my Burmese baby

October 3, 2008 | By Anonymous | 1 comment

My Moxie has been so cantankerous over the last year or so. She has even licked the hair completely off of her belly. After several trips to the emergency room trying to figure out what was wrong, one vet found published articles about how Burmese sometimes suffer from something-something-alopecia -- basically, she's a little crazy. We put her on Prozac. Anyone else have a similar issue?
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7 years ago

My mother-in-law has a Burmese who licked all the fur off his belly and off the inner part of his hind legs. He's fine now but for a while he was on some sort of kitty Prozac. The reason he acted the way he did is because he was very nervous. When he was little he was being chased by another cat and ran into a window while trying to climb up the cat tree. It made him scared of everything and caused him to lick away his hair. He's 14 now and more brave than he ever was and his hair grew back (the cat who chased him and caused him to hit his head died a few years ago). He was a little crazy but maybe not for the same reasons your cat is a little crazy. Maybe there is something leading to your cat being nervous. Do you have any other animals that she may be afraid of? Did something scary happen to her in the last year? Hopefully the Prozac will work and her hair will start to grow back. It might take a while though.

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