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December 11, 2008 | By Cheri L. | 1 comment

Hi I just joined this group. I have 3 BC's and they are awesome! Delanie is 4 years, Socretes is 2 years, and Gizmo is 14 months. They are the smartest dogs I have ever known, they look at us like they know every word we are saying, and not just the normal sit stay come commands. Gizmo loves to listen to Opera he will sit on the floor with his head off to the side and occasionally comment with a grunt or a howl. Delanie loves to cuddle with Momma and watch Animal Planet. Socretes isn't much of a TV dog, he'd rather be chasing a ball. My husband and I live in PA and love to spend time with our dogs and talking about our dogs. Would like to meet others who have Border Collies.
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