July 15, 2009 | By Robin P.

I have 3 dogs that have been called Border Collie mixes. Two are solid black and the third is black with a white chest and white toes. Theyall have long, wavy hair and are gorgeous!! I know Border Collies are really very smart. At first, I had the mom and her 5 of her 7 babies and they were so easy to housebreak and crate train. I'd get up in the middle of the night, open their crate and the pups would all follow me outside and down the steps like I was their mother duck. Since then, I have adopted 6 Boxer/Lab mix pups and they were not at all cooperative with the housebreaking. They could be outside for hours, come inside and right away, pee on the floor. I love the Border Collie personality. They always seem so full of life and are happy-go-lucky. I have a total 14 dogs now but only three are Border Collies. (I rescue whatever is in need.) But Border Collies are my absolute favorite breed!!! Thanks for starting this group!
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