Bonnie Rose

May 12, 2008 | By Anonymous

We have just adopter Bonnie Rose aka Bonnieboo. This is my first time with a Border Collie. She is a rescue. She came from a shelter. We are told she is very laid back. Very sweet, not the typical hyper herder. We have rescued cats (snowshoes) she has lived with cats as well. Bonnie is 7 months old. She lost her first home due to a new landlord. We have almost 2 acres of land at our house also a family farm with over 140 acres we hope to retire to. We go to it often. I am told Border Collies are beyond smart, easy to train. Bonnie is trained in many ways already. I could use any and all hints, advise and or info on this breed. Bonnie will be basically a indoor dog with alot of outdoor time. We have an agility area near us . I intend to let her enjoy it often. I love this breed. It is just nice to get other owners with alot of experience with this breed to give me advise on dealing with their nature etc. I appreciate any and all. Thanks to all.
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