Bc lovers

March 25, 2008 | By Cindy M. | 3 comments

Hi lets get this group going. My BC is female 10 mths old. She is a quick learner, loves attention and is a total joy to me.
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Bethany C.

Bethany C.
6 years ago

Hi, I'm just joining this group so here goes. .
I have 2 bc, Motion is 3 yrs old and competed with me in flyball and sheepherding until she blew her shoulder at the age of 2. Mo loves to herd her woolies (hamsters), play fetch, do tricks, work as a registered therapy dog at the local youth shelter, and tries to avoid the acupuncturist.
Rose is a 1 yr old rescue bc I got from a shelter. I've had her an amazing 3 mo and she is responding well to clicker training. Had her tested on sheep last week and guess who was totally awesome? I got her for flyball, obedience, rally, therapy work, herding, and agility. I have very low expectations of my dogs. Hah!
As for me, I am a 25 yr old animal tech working multiple jobs and trying to pay off my worthless college education. I train dogs in my free time and am a total bc nut (obviously). Don't worry, I'm harmless :) Bethany

John H.

John H.
7 years ago

Hi BC lovers! My first dog was a BC/Sheltie mix. I had her for 15 years and she was an amazing dog, her story could fill a book (and may yet, some day!).

I currently have a 1-year old BC (Amy) that I rescued from a horrible life chained up on a short chain outside a trailer. I had to nurse her back to health and socialize her, but she is now the guardian and chief herder of my cat Smokey when he won't come back in from outside. She is a really special dog, has some anxiety issues (especially in bad weather), but is getting better all the time.

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