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April 13, 2009 | By Tina R.

Voting starts today for the million dollar shelter makeover and we need votes!
Some reasons to vote for us include:

The Humane Society of the Nature Coast, with our limited facility, reaches out far beyond our shelter walls to help animals and families in need
- Founded Safe Harbor for Pets to rescue the pets of domestic abuse and place them in confidential foster homes
- We are the co-founders of the Coalition for Animal Welfare of West Central Florida
- We offer a food bank for families in financial need to keep pets in their loving homes
- Military foster program for deployed service men and women
- Junior Board of Directors
- An educational program in the local schools
-Currently organizing a state wide Federation for Animal Welfare
- Certified for disaster relief aid
- Training program for shelter pets and families with behavioral issues.
- Spay Neuter Programs such as Operation Pit Snip through our coalition, as well as our shelter pets
- Lost and Found reunification program
- Microchipping of all shelter pets

Our population has grown since 1964 from 11,250, when the shelter opened, to over 166,000 today
- The increase in our population has caused a dramatic increase in homeless pets
- Current foreclosures and job losses have doubled the pets being surrendered in our community
- While the shelter has made improvements and repairs over the years, it is still roughly the same size
- Approximately 6,000 animals were euthanized at our county animal control last year due to a lack of adequate space at rescue shelters

The Makeover would enable us to construct a modern addition allowing us to transfer more of the animals from animal control to save more lives
- The addition would meet hurricane Cat 3 standards and would double as a pet evacuation center for the community
- None currently operate in our area and we saw first hand the consequences while volunteering in New Orleans
- Our existing site is prone to flooding in heavy rains with up to 6 inches of water in our buildings
- We need to maximize the use of our land by hooking up to the local sewer system and no longer rely on 3 small and inadequate septic systems and drain fields that take up far too much of our land. One backed up again last week!

Much more info at our website:

The animals, volunteers, staff and community appreciate your votes!
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