black lab energy

January 26, 2010 | By Pittiesperson

I adopted Casey 2 years ago. We think he is a black lab/hound mix but he looks like a black lab. We adopted Casey when we think he was 1 year old. His original owners let him go and called the cops to have him picked up. Casey has so much energy. He goes to the park and runs and plays with a ball and then comes home and runs in the back yard. He is up and down at night at bed time. He wants to get up and play and he doesn't sleep at night. Do labs normally have this much energy? My other dog is getting older and doesn't have Casey's energy. You can tell they bother each other most of the time because one wants to relax and the other one is running around like crazy. We are getting a 8 month old puppy tomorrow.Do you think a puppy can wear Casey out?
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