Found a baby birdie . . .

August 3, 2009 | By S S. | 1 comment

Hi there, just wanted some help taking care of a baby wren I found in my neighbor's canoe. It doesn't have a mum, because some people took out the canoe and paddled it all over the lake we live near, and the mum couldn't find them, so she left. We only have one of the 4. He is eating worms by himself (phew! lucky us) and we are just taking care of him till he can fly away, which will be soon. But he chatters non-stop! he's been doing it for 2 hours straight! its driving me up the wall! Any suggestions for the new bird keeper, how to get him plump and healthy, and how to make him SHUT UP!
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Donna R.

Donna R.
6 years ago

First off, not all birds eat worms, especially babies. You might want to research the wren and see what it eats. If it's very young, it might need to be fed some kind of mash with an eyedropper every hour or so. If you have a bird rescue organization somewhere nearby, give them a call--they could probably give you some good advice. My guess is the chattering is trying to call Mom....have you tried taking him back to the original spot, making sure predators can't get at him, hiding near by, and then just waiting for 1/2 hour or so to see if Mom does come back? You'd be surprised......they don't give up all that easily most of the time.

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