RIP Cutthroat

August 1, 2010 | By Liam D.

I had two lizards. one male and one female. I got him first and he looked really lonely in his big tank, all by himself. I went down to my local shelter and got him a girlfriend. that night i brought her home, she slept on top of him. he was never a fat lizard. he was always on the skinny side. but starting like 3 months ago he started to eat less and less. i thought it was a UVB deficiency since i had recently changed the bulb type i use for their cage. i soaked him everyday and put him outside in the natural sunlight but he only got worse. i went back to the shelter to ask what to do and they said to separate the two. thats what i did but i guess i did it too late. last wensday (july 28th) Cutthroat died. i gave him fresh food everyday and i did all i could but it was too late. i did nothing to cause harm to him because he's my favorite of my 2 lizards. I'm posting this because, when i was deciding on getting a girl for my male, no one told me this could be the result. when i went to go tell the shelter they said it was most likely his wanting to mate that he rejected food. i hope people read this and separate they're beardies so you wont run into the same problem i did.
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