Ear Infections

March 11, 2009 | By katie f. | 7 comments

My Beagle Snickers has had problems with chronic ear infections most of his life. I use an ear wash solution a few times a week that I got from my vet's to keep them clean. The left ear is his 'infection' ear. The right ear will get a bit dirty, but stays clean most of the time and never gets infected.

The left ear gets brown guck in it (vet says its yeast) and it drives the poor dog nuts! He shakes his head a lot and scratches and rubs his ears.

He HATES getting his ears cleaned. If they are really bothering him he scratches them until they bleed, it's really awful and painful for him.
With me cleaning the ears out with cotton balls and the ear wash they rarely get infected, but still sometimes do. When they do our vet gave us a yellowish gel sort of solution in a red and white tube (don't have it on me to tell the name) to squirt in. He WAS on this greenish tube which warned of causing hearing loss if used repeatedly, so we stopped using that.

Do you have ear problems with your beagle? If so what do you use? I feel bad that I have to clean his ears SO often (4-5 times a week, more if they get infected) and that it takes so long for the infection to go away once it starts.
Any suggestions what to use? home remedies you've found are successful?

My problem is when I use the ear wash and cotton balls that I can't get the gooey gross brown that gets way down in the ear canal and it seems to never go away.
After I clean his ears he rubs his ear on the carpet for an hour or so and gets it all red and irritated. No matter what I do he keeps doing this until he gets too tired.

We think the ear infections, plus his eye tearing and paw chewing are related to some sort of allergy he has. For the past month or more he has been on a better food which I'm hoping will help (it is lamb and rice with no by-products, no wheat, etc)
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5 years ago

Thanks for this tip....my beagle mix Pandy Bear had yeast infections in her ears all her life....and I worry that my beagle Macy will have problems one day too. Did you put the acidopholis in their food or give them the capsul??

Brian P.

Brian P.
6 years ago

My beagle Dozer used to get them all of the time...i used to get drops from the vet which would help it initially, then a few weeks later he would have it again. I used to clean his ears with q-tips and baby oil, this gets all of the wax out and keeps them fresh. But it doesn't last long and you do not want to get them to wet or oily, moisture is what grows the bacteria along with the heat in the ear (yeast). I usually tried to keep them as clean and dry as possible, especially in the spring and fall, when conditions outside are very wet. In the summer and winter it wasn't as bad, but his eyes would tear more in summer and winter I think due to allergies, but we couldn't pin-point it. I have also heard of a vinegar water ratio that can be used to clean the ears too...ask your vet though to be sure. Also don't let your beagle shake his/her head too much or he/she can break a blood vessel in the flap that can then only be repaired with surgery.

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