Beagles and Allergies, and Anxiety

August 15, 2010 | By katie f. | 1 comment

I read through some other posts about anxiety, but this question is more about meds if any one has experience with them for either allergies or anxiety.

9 year old beagle with epilepsy, grass/pollen allergies & seperation anxiety. My beagle's anxiety increased 10 fold when I moved in to an apartment with my then fiancee' now husband. We have been here for a little over a year now. We have downstairs neighbors and a landlord the floor below that. We both work during the day, though I am only gone 4-6 hours at a time, and we're both home a lot on weekends. He barks constantly some days, - through a bark collar, through a muzzle. He will bark ALL DAY and also has now started rubbing his face raw through the muzzle and now has open cuts on his face that are bleeding because of this. We are at our wits end!

things we have tried:

Rescue Remedy - No results.

Muzzle - used to keep him moderately quiet WITH the bark shock collar, but now he rubs raw either due to allergies (he is on meds for -prednisone currently because he is in a bad spell- or just to not liking the muzzle, he HATES it.

Bark Shock Collar - Originally would work but he has figured out how to whine in a frequency it doesn't seem to pick up. We have tried two different brands as we assumed the first one was too cheap (and was from walmart) we then bought a higher end model through petco that was recommended. This too, doesn't shock him when he just loudly "wails" as he is too smart to just "bark" and get shocked. I know some people find shock collars cruel, but for some it's a necessity.
Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews - No results; though he does think they're tasty.
Sentry HC Calming Pheromone Collar -He has had it on for 2 weeks now with no success/changes.

He has wrecked a door and some blinds due to his anxiety, among other things, so he has to be behind a gate so as to not "attack" the door we leave from. He used to be in a crate but was MORE miserable in there and would rip up any bedding we put in. He was crate trained as a puppy and feels secure in his crate but not secure enough to be quieter. Have tried treats, toys, "pretend" leaving; nothing works.

Itchy all year long Prednisone is the only medication thus far that works, but is obviously not good long term. Once he is done with this dose he will get bloodwork & then possibly go on an alternative, cyclo- something? I can't remember the name the vet said.
Any advice on meds? Any success? Thanks!
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5 years ago

I can't believe no one has posted a reply to you yet. This poor animal sounds like he's going through hell. I know that's not helpful. Do you have any other pets? If not, you might want to borrow an older dog. That might help him out a little. What about medication to relax? Has your doctor offered anything in the way of that? I would check to see if the prednisone is exacerbating the problem, to be on the safe side. Do you take him on long walks and runs to get his energy out? I know when my beagle was younger he'd get anxious and chew. We bought a kennel to put him in to correct him, but he started going in and laying down and relaxing. It was a quiet place for him and he's stopped chewing. We draped it with a large dark blanket and filled it with a soft blanket and some toys and he used it for a long time and he did finally chill.
Good luck to you, I hope something ends up working.

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