Beagle noise

June 24, 2009 | By Erica M. | 8 comments

Pete is a love bug

How noisy is your beagle?

I've never had a beagle before, but fate has brought me one. I thought something terrible was happening to Pete the first time he caught a very interesting scent and started baying. I had never heard such a thing before. I am beagle ignorant, but I'm learning. I learned not to let Pete out into the yard at 10:30 PM. I quess some critter had been in the yard. He caught a scent and went crazy; running around and baying. Even treats wouldn't lure him away. The next day a neighbor asked if I was killing my dog last night. Don't fear beagle lovers. We are in obedience class. (So, I can learn) I will become a good beagle owner. Ah, my orginal question: How noisy is your beagle? :)
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katie f.

katie f.
5 years ago

I'm glad this isn't a complaint about beagles howling, I was worried! :)
Snickers is now 8 years old. He found his howl a few weeks after we got him. He has a few different barks/howls; the 'play' bark is what he does when the kitten slaps his tail too many times, or after he sticks his butt up in the air and wants to play.Hhe also will drop a treat or bone down and then stick his butt in the air and 'play' bark at that - or when we get home and he is super excited! Its like a howl but shorter.
He reserves his baying howl for when he sees a deer/rabbit/groundhog/etc. in the yard.
His other bark is the ear piercing kind more like your 'usual' dog bark, he likes to bark at people outside, or when I leave home and he doesn't get to go, or anything else hes pouting about.
Silly beagles

Tina F.

Tina F.
6 years ago

Hi, your story makes me laugh because when we got our first beagle Riley, he didnt make a peep for 2 weeks then one day he let out a howl when we were sleeping and startled us both awake. Compared to other beagles he is extremely quiet, he usually whines. But his sister Darla and himself howl when somebody comes to the house, or if they start playing alot.

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