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May 17, 2009 | By Jolyane | 1 comment

hey everyone!
i'm really interested in adopting a pet python...
i've read alot about them but could you guys give me as much information as needed before adopting one?
please thank you all!!
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6 years ago

Hi! First be sure you get a ball python. The others just get too big. My two, Spot and sally were with me for 20 years , teaching school. The students were allowed to take them out, hold them and put them around their shoulders as they read books. I never had a problem and this was middle school. Well, one problem. I was away showing chickens withe students at the fair and a student opened the door , took spot out and walked around the school for 30 minutes showing him off. The kid got 3 days suspension for causes a danger to the snake! Not the students or teachers.
Bottom line, my opinion, best specie to have, non-aggressive, large enough to keep track of and just be sure you get a good eater. Zoomom

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