Russian Bred Arabians

August 30, 2008 | By Kay or Kat n. | 2 comments

I am looking for Russian bred or part bred arabians. I just love this particular line of arabians. I have fallen in love with a part bred Russian. She is also crabbet and polish but she looks like a quarter horse line backer in her younger days. She is a bit older looking now but I am hoping with some work and light riding to start that I can get her looking prime again. She is one of the best arabians I have fallen for. I want to own and breed these lines with a little crossing but don't know where to look for them. If any one can help to point me in the direction I would appreciate it. Thank you for reading.
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7 years ago

Hi Kay,
I breed Arabians and have some Russian bred that are crossed with Crabbet - wonderful horses. Contact Denni Mack at Koweta Arabians(www.kowetaarabians.com). She breeds some of the best russian/crabbet arabians in the world. She's great to deal with too. Good luck. Stay in touch and let me know if you find anything.

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