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Our property was purchased specifically for the purpose of giving homes to horses from Habitat for Horses. The seller’s lied about the property flooding and we have lost two horses to the yard since Aug. 08. One drowned in his stall and the other had to be put to sleep due to arthritis that escalated due to a muddy yard over the winter. Under the road beside our home is a pipe that collects all the water south of our home and dumps it in our yard. I need a pro bono, because we paid cash for the house and we have empties our bank account on vet bills, backhoes to bury horses and materials for french drains. The County Commissioner finally admits we will never be able to fix this problem. I want the contract rescinded and the seller’s sued for the barn, fence and materials purchased to try to fix the yard. I want them to understand the horses had horrible lives before they were rescue and I brought them to a yard that killed them. They misrepresented the property, which to me is a breach of contract and fraudulent actions.

Please help me, get the horses to a safer place to live. We have a surveillance camera on the barn because the seller’s purchased the land from the neighbors who keep watching us putting in french drains. The seller’s have family in Brashear and I fear for the dogs and our horses. We found a decapitated rabbit in Moose’s stall 4/17. Today 5/9 we had another run in with them because they were in their car watching us working in the yard. Police were called.
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Denise H.

Denise H.
6 years ago

Thanks for your kind words. They were all abuse and unwanted. I don't understand why God would take them away from me. I want them so much. No free lawyer, no money left to sue. All the extra we had went into trying to fix the yard.

The horses will be leaving soon. I'm just trying to enjoy every moment I have left with them. As Susan Boyle sings from Les Miserables , "Now life has killed the dream I dreamed."

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