Arabs in need of homes

July 10, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2 comments

If anyone knows anybody in the New England area looking for some nice arabs, email me. If you look at my journal entry, rescued horses you can read a bit of the story. Also I have pictures of the horses I am saving, they are not in horrible shape suprisingly. Sad, such well bred horses...
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Nancy P.

Nancy P.
7 years ago

Kudos to you for saving some Arabians. I will pray that you will find 'forever' homes for them all. It's sad that so many are being tossed aside during this trying time. I know of several who are needing homes as well. I'm in Florida and don't have any contacts your direction. But will keep my eyes and ears open and will let you know if I hear of anyone your way. Sabi (in photo) was one who at 4 months was going to be put down because the owner thought he had a club foot. All it was, was an abcess. Thank goodness I heard about him and he's now a happy 3 year old.

Blessings and Happy Trails... Nancy

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