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April 24, 2008 | By Susan T. | 7 comments

Never in a million years I would have gotten a Pitt Bull. My daughter and her husband brought home a beautiful brindle puppy. Even though he was just a pup I nervous what he be like when he got older. This dog ended up being the most friendly, spoiled, and loveable dog that would have invited an intruder into the house for dinner. So, we ended up with 3 Pit Bulls. King, our brindle died so suddenly last month that totally shocked us as he never showed any signs of being ill. I am still hurting over this. To ease my pain I have sponsored another Pit at our local shelter.
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Aimee D.

Aimee D.
6 years ago

I am so sorry 4 your loss, I am also dealing with the loss of my two dogs this year alone. One was a long time illness, we knew what the outcome was going to be and we had time to deal and prepare, even though we knew she was ill it didn't make the heartache any less. It's been almost 4 mth now and I still cry, but now that my 2nd (and only other dog) has passed away suddenly, (on 4/25), I really don't know how to live anymore. It's like there is no joy in the house when I come home. No1 to greet me with uncond love! We are looking into getting another Pit from a RS. I don't think I could ever get any other breed! My Snapper was as close to human as I have ever seen in a dog. My Lucy Goosey was just as great, still young but turning into to such a great dog, well behaved and trustworthy in the house. I wonder why I want another at times, I mean why go thru this pain again,but I don't think I can see my life without one. They will all be on that Rainbow Bridge waiting on us one day.


7 years ago

they are the most amazing breed.
my home with never be with out a pit bull.
my bf has two kids and we get horrific looks and comments when we are all out together.
its funny when a 5 year old little girl schools a grown up on what great dogs they are.
got to love kids!

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