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April 8, 2009 | By Chris H. | 1 comment

I am such a sensitive gal.

Ella is 3 and we have yet to find a suitable way to attach a leash so we both have a pleasant walk together. She's a pretty good walker much of the time, but she pulls when there is a critter to chase so I don't like using just a collar. We use the gentle leader, but she doesn't like it and it doesn't stop her pulling. We have tried a couple of harnesses and she walks the best with these but she gets bloody sores in her "armpits" even with normal walking for a short distance because her skin is so sensitive. I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks much!
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Dana W.

Dana W.
6 years ago

Harnesses are better for any dog. They don't choke them. You should try to find one that fits her best. If it still causes problems maybe attached something comfortable to the underarm part.

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