What Makes Your Piggie Happy?

April 18, 2009 | By Cheryl | 2 comments

Hi, I was just dropping by to see what your piggie's favorite thing or way of being petted is? Henry loves his cardboard chube , he's forever chewing on it and picking it up and throwing it around in his cage, you can hear him squealing and jumping all over the place having fun with it too. He also loves to be rubbed on his nose bridge, he actually falls asleep when I rub him there, but when he's tired of that he lets me know it. . Oh and he now has a " Blankie " he drags all over his cage to lay on, its so cute too. I bought some bath wash clothes at Walmart and they work great for that. Just a few cute things I wanted to share with everyone.
Comments (2)
Paige B.

Paige B.
6 years ago

My two guinea pigs love having towels and blankets that they can tunnel under. They will play follow the leader in tunnels that they have created out of the towels. They also love playing in paper bags!

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