cats intelligence

October 5, 2008 | By Laurren | 1 comment

I own a non profit cat/kitten rescue group and have a variety of cats and kittens. I have learned alot from them and they are my teachers. Just how smart are they really??
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7 years ago

Cats are the only domestic animal that has not changed dramatically from their ancestors. They are extreamly smart they observe their enviroment and learn from it. My cat for example watched me open my cabnet and a couple of hours later he tryed and succeded. Cats will never be obediant like dogs they do what they want when they want and only listen because they decided to. They are extreamly skilled hunters even the smallest ones. Although they might act a lil ditsy every now and then most cats dont run out in traffic without looking both ways first. Street cats will always stick in areas where they are being feed and have shealter. I can trick my cat once ao twice but they learn so quickly that usually the third doesnt work. But like all cats its important to teach them what is wrong when they are small when their easier to disapline. because once there older what there personality is and prefrences are theirs no changing there habbits without extreame trainning.

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