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Larry Bird

Is your African Grey a good talker? Mine sure is! When he came to us 6 years ago, he could say "Good Morning". Now ... it's amazing all the things he says - most of which he has just picked up from me and my husband interacting with each other. Here are just a few of the things he can say. Think I need to compile an entire listing some day.

Have a good day!
Bedtime ... Time to Go to Bed!
Bad Bird, Bad Bird, whatsha gonna do? ...
(theme from cops)
Honey I'm Home! (he's working on this one)
Party Bird!
Party - Party!
Hello? (when phone rings)
Talk to you soon (just before I hang up phone)
Hey, how are you? (after I answer phone)
Rosie Pose (what I call my cat Rose)
Missy Toes (what I call my cat Toes)
Samansha (what I call my cat Samantha)
Sammy Girl (what I call my cat Samantha)
Hey Holmes (how I address my dog Holmes)
Larry Bird
Wassup Holmes? (how husband talks to dog)

Is it Larry, or is it ...

The phone
The microwave
The cat meowing (3 different cat meows)
The dog barking (indoors or out)
The doorbell
My Husband coughing
My Husband laughing
Me laughing or coughing

And many other words/sounds - too many to list! I would love to hear what your birds have to say.

Comments (3)

6 years ago

What a coincidence. My Larry's name was Red before he came to live with us. His DNA certificate shows Red as his name.

Dionne B.

Dionne B.
6 years ago

I know what you mean Red is 17 months old and also talks up a storm. We love him. He laughs, coughs, oh boy, of my god, what, jake, jacob, go lay down, no, what are you doing, burps,the list goes on and on. The newest is the cough. My son and myself have allergies. My son (P.J.) has been coughing and Red likes to cough. I am allergic to birds. I found out after I bought Red and I was alreay in love. He gives the best kisses.

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