Feather pluckers unite!!

February 20, 2009 | By Betty C. | 1 comment

Happy and featherless!

Tuki has been a member of our family for nearly 18 years. She was first owned by my dad, and when her care became too much for him, she moved in with us! She has a bad feather plucking habit. I have tried UV lights, vitamins, red palm oil, even the expensive Pluck No More products. Nothing seems to curtail her efforts to bare her chest, wings, back, and even her pretty red tail. When spring arrives, she looks better, and summer she is nearly fully feathered. I have resigned myself to letting her do what she wants and loving her regardless of her shaggy appearance! Anyone else have similar problems? She is a great talker and a fun pet.
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6 years ago

my timneh grey didn't start plucking until she was about 22 yrs. old (about a yr. ago.) my avian vet does not know why she started doing this. blood work is fine and no skin problems. she is not as bald as your bird as she does not pluck her wings on the outside, just the inside. the vet said it might be emotional, but nothing has changed in her world. we certainly are not alone with this problem. fledermouse

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