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July 31, 2008 | By Vicki T.

Luke, with Hudson & Murphy!

[2DogsDaily] 2 Dogs 2 Day
2DogsDaily@yahoogroups.com: from Erich Trapp, moderator

Excerpts from 07/31/08 message:

Luke is walking at night lately to escape the heat of the day. When you consider the heat index puts the daytime temperature in the triple
digits, and the heat off the pavement makes matters worse, walking in the evening and into the wee hours of the morning really is not a bad
idea. He said evening and night temperatures were a comfortable 70 or so. I asked him how it was walking at night and he said it wasn't bad.
He wanted to assure everyone that "YBD isn't afraid of the dark." (We knew that!) But just so he can see to cross bridges, etc., he has a headlamp and two high-powered LEDs he uses to find his way. (Hopefully the natives will not mistake him for an alien.) And he said this
stretch of Highway 70 is pretty deserted at night. When cars do go by, he makes himself scarce until they pass (probably the alien thing).

When I spoke with him Tuesday night, he told me he'd walked 30 miles the day before and was feeling it! He anticipated making Memphis by Thursday, where he'd get a hotel with The Boys and gear up for the weekend's festivities.

While he was happy with his progress, he wasn't very amused by the bugs, however, and said the mosquitoes were the size of sparrows! (in Arkansas) Towards the end of the walk, as the
sun began to grow uncomfortable, he found a place to try and take a bit of a nap. He was soon attacked by horse flies! "Unlike insects, which surreptitiously puncture the skin with needle-like organs, horse flies have mandibles like tiny serrated scimitars, which they use to
rip and/or slice flesh apart." Through socks, through shirts, through shorts. They are relentless.

When Luke finally makes Memphis (this very weekend!) after all the festivities of the weekend he'll be spending about a week visiting the city and meeting with folks like the Parks and Recreations people.

if your would like the see the more detailed msg, please join 2DogsDaily@yahoogroups.com.

This is a great thing they're doing for a cure for cancer in not only dogs, but humans, as well. I will try to update this group each time I receive more info from the folks @ 2dogs2000miles.org.

Thanks, Vicki T (LuvYourPets)
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