Angel Acres Equine Rescue

April 16, 2009 | By Dawn B. | 1 comment

I have another request.....yes another one... Got an email from Jo @ Angel Acres from my Zootoo email, she really sounds a little down because they are in last place. Please if you have time go on Zootoo and drop her a line, you may have to join her group but they need some encouragement! After all they beat Habitat for Horses out of the top 10 and look how many others they passed along the way. They deserve a chance at this and so do the HORSES! It only takes a few minutes to vote so Please vote for them! We need to make more people aware of the situations that happen every day with the Equines we love so much and what better way than to bring more attention to an Equine Rescue Group, this will make news and the more publicity that the Equine community gets the more help WE as a group will get! Please help me help them in this contest and in turn help the horses! Thanks!
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Judy A.

Judy A.
6 years ago

If our shelter was not in the running I would spread my votes over a few of the top ten and Angel Acres being one. They are a very deserving shelter and are doing a wonderful service in saving a beautiful animal. We are horse lovers and my daughter has had three rescues. I do wish Zootoo had spread the money a little heavier on the top 9 that don't win the big prize. What a difference it would make to all our shelters. I wish Angel Acres good luck and thank them for all the wonderful things they do. Keep up the faith for the horses.

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