Hermit Crab Troubles?

March 11, 2009 | By Jim R. | 1 comment

My son's hermit crab recently molted. Since then, he's spent most of his time in the water bowl and seems to be consuming more water than usual. Is this normal?
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Kimberlie R.

Kimberlie R.
6 years ago

Hi Jim. It's Kim. Nice to see you today. My husband is a marine biologist of sorts, so he's actually answering this for you: he says yes, it is very normal for it to stay in the water for a while after molting, because the new skin is very sensitive and this keeps it from drying out too soon. If, however, it is a land/dry crab (one that you might've found on the beach in MS), then there may be trouble after a couple of weeks...Keep us posted. Good luck.

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