my parakeet

April 4, 2009 | By Coolgrandma | 2 comments

he has a claw that is injured and cannot hold on to the perch we need help any advice
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Teiko J.

Teiko J.
6 years ago

You can add a small platform that hangs to the side of the cage and put the food and water right next to the bird so it can eat and drink. You should keep an eye on the bird because it will fall off the platform sometimes. Does it look like the claw might heal? If it is not eating, you may need to hand feed the bird with hand feeding formula (Exact). The platform is sold in pet stores too.

Dorothy  K.

Dorothy K.
6 years ago

i also have 2 birds here that are invalids. If you go to this site you can purchase one of these hammocks for your bird. he will be able to sit on it an swing on it. i have them in assorted sizes for my guys,.
the link is www.eggcessories.com
or you can contact Kim@eggcentricaviary.com
tell her Dorothy sent you. that way she will know how you found out about her.
These hammocks are fantastic and are washable. i have a friend who has a too that uses them also
hope this helps.

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