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Manchester Terrier

Tags: terrier, Small-sized, Requires firm, dedicated training, Calm temperament

Sometimes mistaken for a Doberman Pinscher in the distance, I'm actually a terrier from Great Britain where my ancestors were the Old Black and Tan Terrier, Whippet, and West Highland White Terrier. My jet-black and mahogany-tan coat covers both sizes of the Manchester Terrier -- the standard (12-22 pounds) and the toy (up to 12 Pounds), which was developed in the mid-1800s and accepted into the AKC's Toy Group in 1886. The standard of our breed joined the Terrier Group of the AKC the next year.

Rave review

  • Affectionate, devoted family friend
  • Agile and active
  • Always alert
  • Born to run, happy to walk
  • Calm as a clam

Report card

  • Coat needs regular maintenance
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Independent thinker
  • Intelligent and ready to learn
  • Novice owner might be challenged with this breed
  • Outdoors enthusiast
  • Caters to country, tolerates town
  • Socialization and training should start early
  • Spirited
  • Training must be firm, patient, consistent
  • Willing watchdog

What to expect

As you plan my training, please keep in mind my terrier reputation as "a dog that tests boundaries." (Other people say I'm "obstinate" but I strongly object.) So I need you to make my training, which should begin early, firm but respectful, patient, and consistent. Don't let me get away with anything (I'll deny ever saying that) and give lots of positive reinforcement when I do things right. Please never let me forget: boundaries are there for my safety and well being. If you do all that I think we'll get along fine.

Watch for

Possible juvenile cardiomyopathy, von Willebrand's disease, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, pattern baldness, and seasonal alopecia.

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