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Labrador Retriever

Tags: Sporting, Large-sized, High energy level, Kid-friendly, Protective guardian, Requires firm, dedicated training, Calm temperament

Brought to Newfoundland by European settlers and fisherman, we distinguished ourselves on land and sea. We could hunt. We could help haul in fishing nets (and if a fish escaped the net, it didn't get far with my ancestors around). English sportsmen took back to Great Britain the dogs they named Labradors -- and with some English Pointer added to the gene pool, developed "the retriever that can point." In fact, most of the Labrador Retrievers now in North America are from British stock (not from Newfoundland and Labrador) and we've become the All-American Dog: hunters from dawn to dusk; police, security, and military work; guide dogs and therapy dogs; and loyal, lovable family friends. Labs of any color (black, yellow, chocolate) are happy to go anywhere there's a job to be done.

Rave review

  • Affectionate, loyal, devoted family friend
  • Agile and active
  • Always alert
  • Born to run, happy to walk
  • Busy is better than bored
  • Calm as a clam
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Courageous canine
  • Even-tempered, good-natured
  • Hardy hunter

Report card

  • Intelligent and ready to learn
  • Coat needs regular care
  • Lives to work
  • Loves kids and vice versa
  • Never aggressive
  • Outdoors enthusiast
  • Outgoing extrovert
  • Perfect protector
  • Playful pal
  • Pleased to please
  • Socialization and training should start early
  • Spirited
  • Steadfast and strong
  • Sweet disposition
  • Takes to training
  • Training must be firm but gentle, patient and consistent

What to expect

I need you to be careful where you get me. The fact that the Lab is the most popular breed in America means (unfortunately) there are unscrupulous breeders and "puppy mills" out there just trying to make a quick buck without regard for quality dogs. Please do your research. Learn the questions to ask and get puppies from a reputable breeder. If I'm coming your way from a rescue, learn all you can about my history and get plenty of support with any "problems" I might have. A Labrador Retriever hates to disappoint -- especially a great owner like you're going to be.

Watch for

Possible hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, exercise-induced collapse, eye and heart problems, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and ear infections.

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