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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Tags: herding, Small-sized, Adaptable to apartment life, Kid-friendly, Protective guardian, Requires firm, dedicated training

My ancient ancestors were introduced to the Cardiganshire section of Wales, sometime around 1200 B.C., by the Celts. Whereas our cousins, the Pembroke Corgi, credit Flemish weavers in the Middle Ages for getting them to Pembroke, there may be some Nordic canine genes in their deep background. And probably in the Cardigans' gene pool as well, not to mention a dash of English sheepdog. Both Corgi varieties excel at cattle "droving" -- nipping at their heels to move them along and not getting kicked in the process. In the 19th Century, some breeders crossed the Pembroke and Cardigan so we're pretty similar these days. Cardigan Corgis are the ones with the double coats that need daily brushing. If you want to brush a Corgi just once a week, think about the Pembroke.

Rave review

  • Adaptable to apartment life -- with ample exercise
  • Affectionate, devoted family friend
  • Agile and active
  • Aloof and proud
  • Born to run, happy to walk
  • Busy is better than bored
  • Coat needs regular care
  • Confident and self-assured
  • Energizer doggie
  • Even-tempered, good-natured

Report card

  • Herding instinct
  • Independent thinker
  • Intelligent and ready to learn
  • Lives to work
  • Loves kids and vice-versa
  • Outdoors enthusiast
  • Perfect protector
  • Playful pal
  • Pleased to please
  • Caters to the country, tolerates town
  • Training must be firm, patient, consistent
  • Willing watchdog -- with bark to match

What to expect

I need you to understand one thing about cattle drover dogs -- or else our ingrained aptitude for nipping at the heels of moving feet will drive you crazy. If there's an opportunity near my new home, please get me involved in herding -- with real, live livestock to nip and drove. Or any other canine sport that gets me running around to burn off energy. Back at the homestead, make sure I learn that nipping human heels is a definite no-no. No excuses, no exceptions. Not even in the puppy phase when nipping might be "cute." Okay? What are we waiting for! Drive on!

Watch for

Pup's parents should be screened for CHD and PRA. Also watch for possible urinary tract disease and tendency to obesity in sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to back problems.

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