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By: Ches21 | Topic: Breeds | Closed

Is there a sight that can tell me more about mixed breed dogs such as a Cocker spaniel pittbull mix or a chihuahua terrier mix one that will show me their appearance and stuff?

By: Ches21 | Topic: Breeds | Closed

I looked in a book the other day that I have there is are several pictures of a breed of dog that is an older breed that if you see anymore you are lucky or maybe it is just a rare breed of dog but they are called British Cocker Spaniels they look al… more ›

By: Ches21 | Topic: Breeds | Closed

You have probably seen Abby's photo on my account by now and I have told everyone that when the rescue got her we figured before she was a stray that she had been living in a puppy mill she is a buff cocker spaniel I think she is most likely an engli… more ›

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