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Leslie G.
Rating: 2

Over-Priced and Under-Serviced

posted 6 years ago

Well, I have to be honest and start with the one good experience I had. Our dog had a bad ear infection when we got him from the SPCA and several of the techs were very helpful in calming him in order to administer the ear drops. They also showed us the best way to hold him so we could do it at home ourselves. It was a lady with a short hair cut and glasses- super nice and another tech named Jackson I think. They were wonderful. However, it still cost us $130 for them to administer 2 drops (less than 10 seconds) to his ears for 5 days. Crazy!
We also noticed that every time we went to get more frontline and heartworm medicine, the price continuously increased. I started asking for receipts every time and noticed there were different prices almost every time and sometimes up to a $6 difference from the last time. Very weird. But I continued to be patient because we love our dog and what he needs he gets.
I began to get more frustrated when we noticed they had things incorrect on his paperwork. For instance they had HIM labeled as a FEMALE. They had some of his vaccines listed incorrectly, even his rabies vaccine! I called and brought documentation from the shelter to show the corrections that needed to be made. They continually dismissed me and said it would be taken care of.
My last straw was yesterday. I brought our dog for a heartworm test($41) , annual exam ($50) and ear medicine ($36)= $127. So why was the bill suddenly $270 dollars when it was time to leave???!!!! I have never been so annoyed and angry in my life. I asked the receptionist for the bill to see how it suddenly came to almost 300 dollars. There were extra random charges for everything and stuff was included that I didn't even request. I'm like well what is included in the $50 medical exam? Apparently nothing! The receptionist was so rude and inconsiderate the entire time as I asked about the extra charges and explained to her that they gave him a rabies vaccine which he wasn't supposed to have until 2010!! I even had his rabies certificate with me to prove it. She said well there's really nothing I can do they've already given him the "rabies vaccine today." I was so angry. So they wanted me to pay for their mistake that they entered on his paperwork and never corrected, even though I called several times and even told her that morning about the correction that needed to be made to his paperwork. I asked her if the bill could be paid in installments as the bill she gave me clearly showed payments and balance lines which says to me that they do take payment installments. She told me "No, we need the full bill paid today." I only had $230 dollars on me at the time, as I wasn't expecting to be paying over $130 for the appt., so I had to have them take off some of the medicines in order to pay the bill! It was the worst experience I have ever had. Then when I get out to my car with my dog ,about to pull out the parking lot, the receptionist and doctor are asking me to come back in to figure out how to rework the bill again because the doctor really wanted me to get the ear medicine. They still never bothered to apologize for giving him the rabies vaccine too early, nor did they remove it from the bill. I am searching for another vet as I type this review. I will not waste my gas money to drive all the way from Bensalem to go to a place that tries to scam its customers.

Pros: Several good techs that actually care

Cons: Over-priced, Under-serviced, Bad customer service, questionable expertise

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Jenny S.
Rating: 2

Mt Airy Animal Hospital is NOT the best in the Northwest

posted 8 years ago

I have mixed feelings about this vet. It is quite expensive, although you don't "get what you paid for" in this case. The fact is I have not had personal experiences with ALL of the vets there, only a few (I think they have 5 or 6 on staff), and, as far as vets go, it is hit or miss. Hits: Dr. Jones, Dr. Stillman (not there anymore), Dr. Livingston. Misses: Dr Wilkenson (spellling?) I'm not sure how to spell this man's name, but BEWARE because he will try to hustle you into getting surgery for the most minuscule of problems. Shoot, he'll probably try to hustle you into emergency toe-nail clipping surgery. I went to him with a concern about a lump on my dog. He recommended it to be removed and biopsied. I scheduled the surgery. When I called to see if I could pick my dog up and to inquire about the biopsy, the receptionist said, "Oh, the doctor said that lump didn't need to be biopsied..." OH, REALLY??? Then why did I have it removed? Then I went with my other dog who got a little puncture wound on his muzzle to the same vet, and again he recommended surgery: stitches to close the puncture (it wasn't even a half -inch diameter). Of course, I have enough experience with puncture wounds to know you are supposed to let them DRAIN and NOT stitch them up, so I declined the surgery, and he raised his voice at me and told me angrily that he just "wanted me to know" that it would be a 5 minute procedure if I chose to do the surgery NOw, but if the wound got infected it would be a huge, serious deal... the wound was COMPLETELY healed in 2 days... That's all I have to say about Dr. Wilkenson.

Pros: nice facility

Cons: expensive

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