Exerpts from the book, Souleiado

May 20, 2008 | By Jill R. | Category: General

Souleiado, by T.J. Banks

Later that night, after Dena had fallen into a restless sleep, Miriam tiptoed into her room and paused in front of an octagonal mirror with a delicate hand-painted gold-gilt frame. It had been a wedding gift from some old family friends. She ran her fingers along the frame's raised edging, as if she was feeling her way back .... To him? To these restless souls who kept knocking on her psychic door, demanding entrance? She didn't know. Not for sure. But somehow she knew that this was the mirror that Jared had meant. The shape, identical to that of the Root House, had appealed to the architect in him. She opened the blue-and-white incolay jewelry box on the half-moon table beneath it and took out the amber bag; slowly, her hands trembling slightly, she slid the earrings out and latched them on. Then Miriam turned to face herself in the mirror.
Only it wasn’t Miriam Souleiado who looked back at her from the wedding mirror. Dorothy, the cardinal-bright girl stood there, calling her with her eyes, the garnets taking on a blackish cast in the dimly lit room. Then she was gone, and Miriam was left staring at her own puzzled face. But only for a second. The face morphed again, and this time, it was Jared she saw, his fine-boned boyish features and alert, mocking eyes superimposed over her own. Who’d you expect? the eyes chided her gently. I'm here for you, babe. As long as you need me.
What do I do now? she asked him silently. Yearningly. It took all her might to keep from trying to leap into the mirror to grab hold of him.
The Root House, he told her, his eyes glowing green, then blue. My drawings .. all the map you'll need ... And then he was gone, a flickering ghost-light, and Miriam was alone in her room again, the dead woman's garnets shimmering like dark stars against her ripply hair.

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