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July 15, 2010 | By ThreeDogBakery | 1 comment
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New Classic Cremes Double Stuffed Cookies!

Three Dog Bakery was founded in 1989 by three dogs, two guys, and a 59ยข biscuit cutter. Because Gracie (Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye's Great Dane) was born deaf, blind in one eye, and had a delicate constitution, Mark and Dan made all of her own food. After researching what is allowed by regulation to be put in dog treats and food, Mark and Dan made a commitment to create a dog bakery that makes all-natural, oven-baked food and treats with 100% human-quality ingredients for dogs. Three Dog Bakery products contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or other artificial ingredients.

Three Dog Bakery has several new products to choose from!

*Sweet Potato Woofers
*Vanilla Dipped Stars
*P'Nutty Paws
*Mint Rounds
*Classic Cremes Double Stuffed Cookies (in Carob and Golden)
*Pumpkin Bark 'n Fetch
*Oatmeal-Apple Itty Bitty Bones
*Miniature Vanilla Biscuits

Visit our site for more information: www.threedog.com/

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gina h.

gina h.
5 years ago

My dogs were extremely happy with the Sweet Potato Woofers!

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