What's in a (cat's) name?

October 21, 2008 | By Roberta Beach J. | 1 comment
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There's no magic formula for finding that perfect name for your new cat. Humans are inventive, so if you ask cat owners how they picked their pets' names you're likely to get quite an education.

My friend Bev always names her felines after famous composers. She started out with Mozart and now shares her life with Ludwig (as in von Beethoven). Symphonies aren't the only thing on kitty lovers' minds. We also focus on the printed word. A litter of furballs got named after characters of The Lord of the Rings - Bilbo, Frodo, Sam and Gandalf.

An English professor told me he has a houseful of cats - named Tolstoy, Bard, Chaucer and ... Dave Barry. While others borrow names from rock stars (I know of cats named Elvis, Ringo and Pink), there are those who prefer to name their felines after politicians (gasp). And don't forget movie stars (as in Rocky the tabby) or even cartoon characters.

The name DC doesn't honor the capital of the United States, bur rather that DC's owner is a racing fan. He names his kitties after cars - such as Mustang and Porsche. DC, if you haven't guessed, is short for Daimler Chrysler.

Jimmy's a comic book collector and has lovingly named his cats Spider Man and Wonder Woman. Then there are the military folks who've chosen monikers such as Sarge, Tanker, Pilot and Navy Blue for the cats who share their lives.

One family has followed the alphabet ever since they adopted a Siamese named Andy in the 1970s. Next came Betty, Candy, Drummer Boy. ... Now they're up to the letter P. Their current cat is a rescue – Penny. Their neighbors have adopted cats from area shelters over the years and they're named according to where they were originally rescued. Parker was found cowering in a city park and Shopper was found wandering around a suburban mall.

Sometimes geography plays a role. How about the kittens named Athens and Tokyo? Anita names all her rescues after U.S. cities or states and she's up to Hawaii. She said she's not sure what to do once she reaches the letter Q.

Few of us would admit to naming a cat after a human, but a British cat lover said she named her pet to honor a beloved brewery. Then there's the retiree who named her cat Goldy - after the first goldfish she had as a child.

There's no shortage of ideas for names, but the best advice seems to be to narrow your choices down to three or four favorites. Say them out loud and see how the sounds roll off your tongue. Then have a little creative fun when picking that unique name that fits your unique cat.
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Amy V.

Amy V.
6 years ago

When I was four years old, I got two kittens. I named one Feather, and now I don't remember where the name came from. The other kitten was nameless until my mom read me a book about a cat that looked a lot like her, which inspired me to name her Cookie, after the adventurous feline in the story. Ever since, I haven't been able to see that book without thinking of her!

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