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September 25, 2009 | By Roberta Beach J. | 1 comment

Welcome to our practice. The following are some suggestions of how to make things most pleasant for our staff.   *As you have already figured out your scheduled appointment time is just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it and do as yo… more ›

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Michele Z.

Michele Z.
6 years ago

I am a "client", but I am quite aware of what veterinary offices have to tolerate. Your entry is funny...but not funny!

I usually take my cats to the vet in the early afternoon when the office is not busy. I have seen cats without any restraint (unless you can call being held "restraint") and "parents" who let their big dogs sniff at frightened cats in cages. But the vast majority of my experiences have been very good thus far.

I don't care to see all the other inconsiderate behavior of pet owners (not really pet "parents").

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