Tuna surprise

August 17, 2008 | By Roberta Beach J. | 2 comments
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Back in 1986, the only grocery store within walking distance of my apartment was a cluttered mess, where you had to navigate around half-emptied boxes of stock scattered all over the floor. It was nearly impossible to find anything in the place, but I decided to give them one more try.

Luckily, I found everything on my list. In the check-out line, the woman in front of me had an armload of kitty tuna. <i>Well, no wonder the place was always sold out of Troy's favorite brand.</i>

"How many cats do you have anyway?" I asked the stranger.

She whirled around and told me she didn't have any cats. "Why do you ask?"

I indicated her haul of cans. She must have had 15.

"Oh, these," she said. "This store has the lowest price for tuna. My husband loves the stuff. The other night he told me my tuna casserole was the best ever."

"But it's cat food!" I exclaimed.

The lady disagreed. "Of course it's not cat food. That's silly. Right here it says tuna. Look, big letters. See?"

"That may be true," I countered. "But it also says cat food there on the side. Look at the picture of the cute tabby."

I didn't get an answer. It was her turn. She dumped her cans on the counter and fished money out of her jacket pocket to pay the cashier. As she walked away with her paper sack, I couldn't help but wonder if her husband would enjoy his bargain tuna sandwich.
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Roberta Beach J.

Roberta Beach J.
7 years ago

Funny, Martha!

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