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August 17, 2008 | By Roberta Beach J. | 2 comments
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Paper dresses were all the rage in 1968. As soon as I trimmed the hem of my <i>instant dress</i> with the kitchen scissors, I slipped into my <i>fashion statement</i> and dashed across the street to show my best friend.

Barbie was impressed with my crinkly A-line dress, but her Siamese cat even more so. Rama, who normally treated me with indifference, was all over my <i>mod</i> apparel. Rama parked herself in my lap and drooled all over me. Then she started licking.

Mom had surprised me. She'd bought us matching psychedelic-print orange dresses at a grocery store, a one-size-fits-all trend costing a dollar each (and you could even get a tablecloth to match). It was considered <a href="http://www.studio-international.co.uk/reports/sixties_fashion.asp">ultra-modern fashion</a>, very <i>hip</i>, good enough for the likes of star model Twiggy. Mom had handed me my dress-in-a-tube and busied herself putting away the groceries.

Almost from the moment of my arrival at Barbie's house, I could see my pop-art creation showing signs of disintegration. It appeared Rama's claws didn't want to separate from me – ever. As long as she could nibble on my dress, Rama was one happy kitty. Maybe she enjoyed the sound the paper made as she kneaded, but more likely she was amused I was parading around the neighborhood in a gigantic paper towel.

Today it seems terribly frivolous and selfish, the concept of throw-away clothing. Back then, the idea was you wore it once and disposed of it. When I reappeared in my living room, Mom was busy cutting her new dress to the proper length. I stood there, in shreds, no longer a trendy fashion statement.
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Roberta Beach J.

Roberta Beach J.
7 years ago

Yep, throw away worked fine back then. Now, well, we have a different attitude. Right?

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