Do You Wonder Where Your Money Went?

May 21, 2009 | By Roberta Beach J. | Category: Entertainment

Would you believe I open 2455 pet food cans a year, 182 sacks of litter? A 20-kilo bag of dry food lasts us a week. We can crunch numbers and it's clear to my husband and me we'll never be able to retire. Our retirement fund is flavored beef, chicken and fish.

Some of it is being served to neighborhood dogs and feral cats we don't even know. Anyone who happens by our property. Our kitchen, it seems, is always open.

I'm afraid to calculate how many hours in our lives involve driving to the pet food outlet, filling the trunk, hauling the resulting cases and sacks to our kitchen, then filling bowls (inside and out), washing those bowls, hauling empty cans to the dumpster, topping off water containers ...

Scary, isn't it?

You might ask how I find time to change cat litter, brush the dogs, comb cat fleas, sweep pet hair out of the courtyard and walk the dogs.

I don't know. None of this makes sense to me either.

Pet laundry? We've had 3 new washers in less than 10 years. I suspect our mistake was buying machines designated for regular household use. We are commercial.

Does this mean we can incorporate as a private zoo?
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