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Keep your cats safe and happy this spring while enjoying the great outdoors

Spring is finally here and its time to get yourself outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! But what about your cats? How much happier would they be if they could get out and enjoy your back yard as much (or probably a lot more) than you do? Well, your cats will never know because you would never let them roam… they could be injured, lost, or even killed. But what if you could let them out with the assurance that they were safe in your yard? What if there was a product that would definitely keep your cat in your yard? Would you let your cat out then? Purr…fect Fence thinks you will and with over four growth-filled years in the business of “Keeping Cats Happy and Safe Outdoors” has good reason to think so.

Before Purr…fect Fence ever sold a fence, they thoroughly tested the design in the most hostile conditions available in the cat world… feral rescues. They are in the business of keeping any cat contained, even your craziest and craftiest. Their deep list of rescue and shelter clients says a lot about this product’s effectiveness, so get out there install your new Purr…fect Fence.

You have just completed your installation and you can rest assured that your cat does not stand a chance of escape. The first thing to do (maybe before you let your cat out) is make sure that nothing in your yard is poisonous to your cats. The Cat Fanciers’ Association has published a comprehensive list of cat-unfriendly plants that you can view at: www.cfa.org/articles/plants.html. If you have plants that are not necessarily poisonous but you do not want your cats to damage, try spraying the leaves with bitter apple (available at pet stores) or hot pepper sauce.

Your yard is now cat-safe and cat-secure but after all that work don’t you want your cats to get the most out of their new outdoor playland? So how can you enhance your cat’s outdoor experience? If your yard is nothing but a lawn, put some landscaping in. Cats love the hide under bushes and have a bit of dirt to roll in. You can even add plants that your cats would enjoy like parsley, thyme, and valerian. Cats love to eat grass and certain grasses love the cat back with vitamins and minerals. Wheatgrass contains beta-carotene, vitamins B-6, B-12, K and C. Oat grass is chock full of goodness containing manganese, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, B-1, B-2, and E. It might also be fun to plant some catnip but your cats may love it to death. If they do, plant it again in a pot out of reach and give them clippings.

All the work is done and there you are reclining in your favorite chaise lounge. One of your cats is chewing on the freshly planted wheatgrass, another one is slowing killing that catnip you planted, and your more mischievous one is hiding under a nearby scrub about to pounce (playfully, of course) on the herbally inebriated one rolling in the catnip. Ahhh… Now its time for a cat nap.

About Purrfect Fence
Purr...fect Fence is a family owned and operated national mail order company that has evolved from Benner’s Deer Fencing systems. The same high-strength and long-lasting material utilized for Purr...fect Fence has been used for 15 years to keep deer out of gardens and landscaping.
Since the transformation to a fence system designed specifically for cats four years ago, Purr...fect Fence has experienced rapid expansion. Now many thousands of cat owners, shelters, and animal care professionals utilize our product with unprecedented results. Our goal is to continue to improve our system, expand our product line, and most importantly, enhance the lives of cats.
Located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we ship direct nationwide. Order Purr...fect Fence today and find out why so many people describe our product as a “Life-changing” experience.

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Jill R.

Jill R.
7 years ago

What great tips! My cat would love to be outdoors and this sounds like a safe way for her to do so. Thanks

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