Purrfect Fence Releases New Products!

August 22, 2008 | By Matt H. | 1 comment
Category: Pet Products

50ft Kit

Are you spending more time at home these days? Do you want to share your outdoor experiences with all of your four legged family members? Do your cats long to be outdoors? The much anticipated solution to your financial concerns and guilty conscience has finally arrived! Purr…fect Fence has found the way to offer an affordable solution to enabling your cats to safely enjoy the great outdoors. Purr…fect Fence is now offering 50ft kits for under $500. Their 50ft cat enclosure systems, along with the new “Purr…fect Gate”, are now making the dream of happy and safe cats outdoors a financial reality for many people.

Your cats can even enjoy new outdoor cat houses with a design offered exclusively by Purr…fect Fence that doubles as an outdoor litter box. Purchase one of their cat doors and keep the litter box smell out of your house. Their extensive list of rescue and shelter clients along with over 25,000 safe and secure cats, says a lot about this product’s effectiveness. Purr…fect Fences’ outdoor cat enclosure systems continue to increase adoption rates, reduce stress, inter-household conflict, and behavioral problems. Regular outdoor access is also proving to increase life expectancy, as well as improve overall health and wellbeing. Purr…fect Fence can turn any backyard into a paradise for cats, while protecting them from other cats, predators, busy roads and unhappy neighbors.

The Purr…fect Fence life expectancy is 12+ years, making this a long term, money saving investment. With all the health and safety benefits, most vet bills should be significantly reduced. Request your free information packet today and find out why Purr…fect Fence has been deemed “life-changing” by its customers. Ordering is easy and shipping is prompt.

Once you have installed your fence and found the purr…fect place for your new outdoor cat house, its time to pour a refreshing glass of iced tea, start up your laptop and enjoy the outdoors. So, whether you are a homeowner, apartment or condo dweller, renter, moving in the near future, or just curious enough to put them to the test, visit www.PurrfectFence.com and take a look at the variety of new products you can find all in one place. Best of all, if you decide to install Purr…fect Fence, you can rest easy with the peace of mind your cats are safe and secure outdoors.
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7 years ago

Very nice. Sage would absolutely love it. I'll look further into.

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