Lloyd Incorporated: Celebrating Over 50 Years

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Lloyd Incorporated: Celebrating Over 50 Years of Innovation in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary entrepreneur reaches milestone; from humble beginnings to industry leader

Shenandoah, Iowa (June 12, 2008) -- Dr. W. Eugene Lloyd’s life in veterinary pharmaceuticals began in 1958, when this entrepreneur took his veterinary medicine knowledge plus a cement mixer to create a supplement ration for hogs. This combination launched LLOYD Incorporated.

With his then-business partner Dwight Wesberg, a fellow war veteran, Dr. Lloyd sold the swine premixes directly to veterinarians. The premixes were made to supplement various stages of swine production, from feeder pigs to breeding sows, and included various vitamins, minerals, and antibiotics.

Dr. Lloyd worked closely with animal nutritionists to create nutritionally balanced products.
Over next few years, LLOYD Inc grew considerably, and soon, the cement mixer was replaced with larger commercial manufacturing equipment. The product line also expanded to include medications for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, and cats.

After completing his PhD degree in pathology/toxicology with a minor in nutrition in 1970, Dr. Lloyd created the landmark product, ToxiBan® - the first veterinary form of activated-charcoal suspension - in response to the need of veterinarians combating animal poisonings.

At that time, most animal poisoning involved exposure of production animals to agricultural chemicals. Today, ToxiBan® is the top-selling activated-charcoal solution with more than 100,000 doses sold each year.

LLOYD Inc. has grown extensively and now manufactures many top veterinary brands, including, Thyro-Tabs®, Methio-Form®, and Prednis-Tab® as well as human pharmaceuticals. In fact, LLOYD, Inc distributes over a half billion Thyro-Tabs® each year, many by LLOYD Pharmaceuticals, the human pharmaceutical division. At age 83, Dr. Lloyd remains an active, hands-on CEO.

“Not many companies can brag that they have reached the big 5-0,” says Dr. Lloyd. “We are very appreciative of our customers as they have made us the company that we are today. Our company’s longevity is due to our dedication to quality and customer service. Product quality is our top priority and our customers know this.”

Dr. Lloyd, an alumnus of Iowa State University, received his DVM. in 1949 and a PhD in 1970. He was a faculty member of Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine from 1974 to 1984 and is a board-certified veterinary toxicologist. He also served in the US Armed Forces during World War II and has been a member of the AVMA since 1947.
LLOYD Incorporated will continue to celebrate its 50 years of excellence throughout the year.

About Lloyd Incorporated

LLOYD, Inc. products have been used by veterinarians around the world for over five decades to make the lives of animals happier, healthier and more productive. From a modest beginning, LLOYD’s research and development has resulted in pharmaceutical and nutritional products with the highest level of stability, safety and efficacy. If you would like to know more about Lloyd, Inc. call (800) 831-0004 or visit www.lloydinc.com.

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