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September 10, 2009 | By Digitadog | 1 comment
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Hi, Zootoo pet community.
We, DogTagArt.com are new and would like to introduce ourselves and product.

First, we are wild about our pets! Our love of animals, especially dogs and cats, led to the founding of DogTagArt.com.
DogTagArt.com provides a stylish, unique way to provide the essential pet id tag.

Let’s face it, sometimes our beloved pets chase "the inner wild animal" and become seperated or lost. We think it’s best to go ahead and tag them with an informative, indestructible and highly visible pet id tag. And while we’re at it, why not enhance their personal style, help them to be the coolest cats and pups on the block!

In order to offer pets around the world the hippest, most stylish, virtually indestructible dog tags available we use a “crowdsourcing” platform which allows designers and pet lovers alike to upload their most current graphic art. We then apply their awesome works to ever lasting aluminum dog tags using a permanent, full color sublimation process.

We can also offer you more room on the tag’s back to say what you need to say to keep your pet safe: name, phone number, allergy statement, favorite food? With four lines fitting 25 characters apiece, you can nearly fit a Twitter post on there!

If we use your design, we’ll pay you $1 for every one of your tags sold and you’ll be profiled on our site. So you’ll be famous and make some cash too!

So, check us out at www.dogtagart.com and find your pet's style. If you cant find just the right tag, design your own.

Help keep your pet safe. Each year over a million cats and dogs are taken into shelters and never reunited with their owners. Why? Because they can't be identified.

Keep your pet safe and encourage friends to do the same.
Its time for the boring pet id tag, to become stylish, visible and important!
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6 years ago

Thanks. I will check this out

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