Button's Day

June 29, 2008 | By elaine m. | Category: Adoptions

Today was a great day! Finally, it was Button's turn to go to a new, loving, forever home! It had been three and a half weeks since he came to us. I don't know why his adoption took so long. He is a great cat, very loving. Out of all the animals that come to us for adoption, sometimes, there just seems to be a special connection that forms with some of them. Maybe the connection I felt towards Buttons is because he is a Tuxedo cat, like Tasha, one of the characters in our WITHOUT A HOME Inspiring and heartfelt tales of cat adoptions book. Maybe it's because in the story of Jelly and Justin in the book, Jelly's grandmother's name was Buttons. Maybe, just maybe, he was my past inspirations coming to life.
Happy new home Buttons!
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