Santa Barbara - A Slice of Heaven

August 14, 2008 | By Arden M. | 2 comments
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Chipper and Cleo hang out at Santa Barbara beach with Michael, Karen and Deb

Now, I've traveled coast to coast, in big cities and small towns, but paws down, Santa Barbara truly is a slice of heavan on earth. With my two dogs, Chipper and Cleo plus my sister, Deb (visiting from Texas), we traveled up the California coast to reach stop #3 on my national book tour - Borders at Santa Barbara. Between Ventura and Santa Barbara, we drove on 101, getting a front row seat to the picturesque Pacific Ocean - amazing!
At Borders, the staff offered not only my two newest books - Happy Dog, Happy You AND Happy Cat, Happy You, but three other popular titles - The Dog Behavior Answer Book, The Cat Behavior Answer Book and Real Food for Dogs.
We had a cozy crowd who asked lots of questions: should I get another cat for my shy feline, Callie? How can I get Smitty, my German Shepherd mix from sniffing crotches of visiting houseguests?
This is my second national book tour, so this time, I'm a bit more high tech. I downloaded happy songs on my iPod and use this very cool, small blue dog speaker to dispatch the songs. The sounds seem to lure in more to attend my talks. I also brought a Flip Video and am recording short bursts. Hope to post them on this site soon.
My dogs got the chance to sniff out the download area last night and before we head north to Morgan Hill, we will take a long walk along the beach.
Next stop: Booksmart in downtown Morgan Hill (just outside San Jose - do you know the way?)

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Arden M.

Arden M.
7 years ago

Hi Deedee - Thanks for checking out our latest book tour adventures. I have one more West Coast stop today before I head for the East Coast portion of the book tour. Arden

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